Speakers at Malaysia seminar call for Kashmir solution

Photo: Shadab Khan - NPSpeakers at a seminar in the Malaysian capital have urged the international community to pay heed to the plight of Kashmiris suffering from the bondage of the Indian yoke for more than six decades.

“Kashmir is crying out for a solution and it is time the world took stock of the miseries of Kashmiris and came forward in a big way to ensure a solution to this lingering dispute,” was the consensus of speakers at a seminar in Malaysia to mark the Kashmir Black Day observed all over the world on 27th October to protest against the occupation of the Kashmir Valley by the Indian troops 63 years ago.

A large number of civil society representatives, members of Kashmiri and Pakistani communities, academicians and students attended the function addressed by various speakers, including Pakistan High Commissioner to Malaysia Mr. Masood Khalid and noted Malaysian academician and scholar Mr. Rafiq Bin Fazal Din.

In his opening address, Pakistan High Commissioner Mr. Masood Khalid highlighted the spirit of the day and called on the international community to wake up from its slumber and resolve the issue of Kashmir to secure peace and stability in the region. He said the people of Kashmir had long suffered in search of freedom and in an age when the human freedoms were being watched and secured by the civilized world through diplomatic means and dialogue, the Kashmiris were crying for an early, just and lasting solution.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Rafiq Bin Fazal Din from Malaysian Centre for Policy Research said that Kashmir should not be allowed to become a forgotten case in the midst of wars and new conflicts. “This is saddening and a real blot on the conscience of the world which has failed to react appropriately to the continued oppression in Kashmir,” he said, asking for more focused and urgent attention from the world’s media and the human rights organisations to go in the valley and report the excesses being perpetrated against the defenseless people.

Later, a group of Pakistani and Kashmiri students enrolled in local universities and colleges presented colourful skits, songs, plays and tableaus signifying the theme of Kashmir Black Day.

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