Graffiti campaigners claim stamping 300 million INR with Kashmir slogans

Occupied Kashmir Press/ Srinagar: In an effective move towards new ways of resistance a campaign launched in year 2012 to write resistance slogans on Indian currency in occupied Kashmir has come to light again. Graffiti campaigners in occupied Kashmir who have put their energy at walls, roads and government buildings now claim to have stamped 300 Million Indian national currency (INR) with slogans like ‘Go India Go Back’, ‘ Leave Kashmir’ ‘Quit Kashmir’ and ‘Kashmir Banega Pakistan’. Kashmiris in occupied territory began to write independence slogans on Indian currency as a mark of protest last year. The campaign in it’s first days received attention left-right and centre with people uploading photos of slogans written on Indian currency on social networking sites.

A still of video posted on 'Kashmir Graffiti' channel yesterday.

A still of video posted on ‘Kashmir Graffiti’ channel yesterday.

In a YouTube release on ‘Kashmir Graffiti’ channel the campaigner announced to have decided spread the message using “What they (India) treat as their God – Money”. YouTube has been used by campaigners in occupied Kashmir after the local electronic media was banned by Indian government in year 2010. The newly YouTube channel  featured the pictures of Indian currency with stamped slogans. The campaigner choose the currency from 5 INR to 1000 INR with two of them with Urdu stamps reading ‘Bank property Pakistan’ with a minaret similar to Kashmir’s biggest Central Mosque.

The campaigners posted “We are hereby adding another dimension to our struggle against Indian Occupation. Kashmiris have never accepted Indian occupation in the past and will never do so in future. No matter how much death and persecution we will have to face. Our Brothers have laid down their lives for the cause , some have taken the war to the cyber space and we have decided to spread the message using what they treat as their God— Money. “

They further posted, “For the last four months we have stamped Indian currency notes worth 30 crores (300 Million) approximately with messages like Go India Go Back , Leave  Kashmir, Quit Kashmir , Kashmir Banega Pakistan (Kashmir Will Become Pakistan).”

According to guideline of Reserve Bank of India, such Indian Currency has been rendered useless and cannot be reused once in bank treasury. In recent years when Kashmiris have changed tactics of resistance and if these claims are ascertained, this could well be a bigger counter economic policy of people of Kashmir which may result in bigger loss to Indian economy.

“It is just a little effort but we believe that it will go a long way in telling the Indian people what a common Kashmiris wants.”, the campaigner concluded.

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