World sends solidarity messages for Kashmir after Facebook event


Occupied Kashmir Press/Srinagar: A Facebook event launched on May 28, 2013 asking people across the world to show solidarity to the struggle of Kashmiris against Indian occupation has emerged with great success with people across world sending videos, photos and messages of solidarity. “International Solidarity Video for Kashmir” was launched by Kashmiris across the de-facto border asking people to submit videos and photos of solidarity. The first photo on the event wall was posted from Gaza, Palestine, where-in a Palestinian with placard in his hand read ‘We are the Palestinians in solidarity with our brothers in Kashmir, With love from Gaza”

The event organizers were supposed to launch the video on July 13, 2013 on eve of Martyrs Day but was delayed. “We live in a world abundant in blessing, in the era of technology and communication. This same world forces one place into isolation and darkness.” broadcast the video launched Tuesday on YouTube. The video titled “We Are Kashmir” featured a brief statistics before showing up the solidarity messages sent by people from across the globe. “A country that is not oil rich, nor super power. Welcome to Kashmir” the video introduced.

The video showed messages of solidarity from Mumbai, Philadelphia – US, Switzerland, Malaysia, Edinburgh, Scotland, Japan with people holding banners mostly at famous/historical places. To mention few the solidarity messages read, “We are Kashmir – Human rights for all”,”Never forget, never forgive”, “Free Kashmir – End the occupation”, “You will be free”, “Viva La Freedom Viva La Kashmir”. The video also showed people waving Kashmir flags and holding banner “End The Occupation”. Solidarity messages from Rio – Brazil, Afghanistan, Gaza, Derby – UK, Australia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Azad Kashmir, Poonch, Birmingham – UK and Washington were also shown in the video.


Pertinently, the use of social media by young Kashmiris has run over the media censorship and helped in wide circulation and awareness about situation and history of Kashmir across the world. Kashmir, which is know as Palestine of Asia has got less attention from the world community, as such the young pens have put their energy at online activism to drive attention.

The YouTube video also met with some solidarity comments, One user posted in response “As many of us across the country are still unaware of what Kashmiris are going through, finally people will come out of ignorance and i believe that the TRUTH will prevail.” “Awesome stuff! Love and support from Malaysia.” Another user posted. Showkat Ahmad, a Kashmiri posted “Love The Video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh really amazing when v see somebody cares abt us n our Kashmir”.

The organizers declared that this year Oct 27, the day Indian occupational Army invaded Kashmir will not be met with silence. “October the 27th marks A Black Day in Kashmir and we aim to outline and direct more co-ordinated global activities that you can engage in to express your solidarity over the coming months. This year we will take Kashmir to the streets and ensure October the 27th will not be met with silence.” the organizers posted on YouTube while asking people to join them on Facebook Page We Are Kashmir.

 “We Are Kashmir, 27 Oct 2013 The Beginning” concludes the video.



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